Greetings Fisherfriends and Happy Spring Season 2019 . Some of you were wondering why I haven’t updated the blog in quite some time so here are a few of the reasons. First, I wanted to fish a season long 2017 tourney which precluded professional anglers from entering so I opted to take a year off… Read More

Greetings Anglers: Been a few weeks but here I am with lots to talk about. Where to begin is the question? Well, on the surf front, my friend Matt from Pittsburgh visited Montauk and we found some toothy critters to bend the rods. Mostly cocktail blues on the Northside which are always fun in the… Read More

How you Montauk Sharpies and Yakkers doing out there?  Been super busy the last month with Tourneys and a few hot bites here and there.  I fished the Montauk Surfmasters Tourney and the Surf Rats Ball Tourney which recently ended. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all involved. Surf Rats Ball had their year… Read More