How you Montauk Sharpies and Yakkers doing out there?  Been super busy the last month with Tourneys and a few hot bites here and there.  I fished the Montauk Surfmasters Tourney and the Surf Rats Ball Tourney which recently ended. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all involved.

Surf Rats Ball had their year end shin dig and the proceeds from the raffles for the nice swag prizes were donated to a kids charity, so thanks to Founder Bill Wetzel for hosting a great event and tourney.  Thanks also to rod builder for Lou Caruso for donating a custom rod that I won in a raffle. The 10.4 one piece surf rod  is sweet and was built just for the surf rats ball tourney. As the rod was made for a 200 VS, i ordered a VS from Ken at Tightlines Tackle in Sag Harbor, which is where they had the shin dig.  Ken was generous enough to donate a nice hefty gift card as one of the prizes.  I  not only thank him for doing that but since I won the prize, I went back to his shop to order the VS 200.  Congrats to Andy for winning the prize I donated which is a half day Kayak charter on the East End.  Pretty stoked for a good day on the water with one of the prize winners.

On the fishing front, Mike and Sarah from Pittsburgh visited Montauk and Mike and I caught the mixed bag.  From the yaks, we caught blues and fluke on the Northside.  From the surf, we fished one of the points and caught some bass and blues as well.  We then did some clamming and bbqed the natures bounty of clams we dug and a few lobsters we ordered. Great time.

Also in June, James and Danny came out and wanted to get in on the bluefish action.  So, we hit some north side spots and they were good for about 12 toothy critters each before heading to town to try a few montauk ales.  As James is a fly fisherman by trade, he did a great job getting to know his xmas gift surf gear gifts  his wife bought him.  For me, Fishaholic and I had a few good days on bigger blues surfcasting.  My best of the season thus far is a 14 plus pound bluefish I caught on a yellow pencil before a healthy release. All on video.  What a fight.  Caught dozens of smaller blues and a few bass mixed in but no real daytime linesiders.

In July, Wayne the teacher came out and also put his new gear to the test and got in on the bluefish action, took some great photos for his class and got to see some sites around Montauk.  He can’t wait to get back in the suds.   On the Yak front, hit hampton bays with Jeff and Lou and after dropping an eel into the water for some light trolling, hooked into a bass which gave my yak the hamptons sleigh ride.  Caught and released, I think she was a 15lb or so.   The guys caught some fluke and blues before the wind turned gnarly and we called it a day.  On the western sound front, hit the nite bite closer to the city and got into another 15lber which I had to handling due to my real getting jammed up with a second line. Nonetheless, a healthy release after a few pics which i will post soon.  Out in midsuffolk and Northshore, the bunker bite has been hot.  I have been busting out my new fly rods and practicing when I can.  In fact, I hit two rivers in Vermont several times.  The Battenkill near Manchester Vermont which is close to Orvis Store and the Black River which is close to Okemo.  While I don’t have pics of any fish to post, I do have some good scenic shots to share. If anyone has a few shots to share, email me and I can place them on the website somewhere.

For now, waiting on some weather to clear and will be back at  it whether is is surf, yak,boat or fly.  Peace out and Tight  Lines.