I gave a Montauk lake another go on Sunday.  Fished with Richie Fishaholic in search of Yakking up some Walleyes.  Mainly trolled jerkbaits and Rapalas and caught every species but a walleye.  Scored some white perch, monster Crappies, etc.  All caught and released.

The deepest part of the lake is around 26 feet so I put on a deep diver and thats when the crappie gave me the montauk freshwater sleigh ride.  Ha.  There is a nice boat ramp there which is on the SouthSide of the lake right near the Round About in the middle of town or one can launch near the tracks on the Northside.

I then surf fished the Northside and landed many toothy yellow eyes and my cousin got one schoolie striper. Blues were on the feed blasting anything that was whipped 30 yards out there.  Kept a few for my pool technician as he is always asking for some blues.  Decent weekend capped off with a nice seafood fest thanks to my shellfishing cousins who get the fresh muscles, clams and steamers.