Another weekend in the books and safe to say we had some great fishing weather.

Tonight, and as most people were heading off the beaches and home for Sunday night, my local friend Tom and I hit the North shore to see what we could catch from the surf.  Right out of the gate, we noticed two things.   First, the water was clean and calm.  Secondly, we noticed birds diving and picking up small bait.  Brought back memories of catching up fluke from the surf in these same conditions  Well, low and behold, and after my first cast using an A-17 diamond jig (tin), I was into my first fish.  Yep, a fluke from the surf on a diamond jig launched way out.  Match the hatch was the key here.  The bait was slim and slender just like the A-17.  Perhaps not the exact same length as I think the diamond was longer, but not too far off.

So, the key was to find the food source and replicate it for a quick catch and release.  Tom decided to mix it up and went with a white bucky.  In no time, his rod was bent and something was being reeled in.  Wasn’t the fluke he wanted but the large sea robin gave a few good tugs to make the moment interesting.

After the birds and bait seemed to taper off, we headed further East on the Northside and found some blues.  While I lost one, Tom scored a last of the sunlight minute to tangle with and catch a toothy blue.  After that bite shut down, we opted to hit the Southside for deeper water with rockier structure.   For an hour or so, we casted and casted in the last of the tide and without a catch, we called it a weekend.  A good one at that with family, friends and some fish.  Til the next outing…