A friend that I have been guiding and I went to Destin Florida where we linked up with Dave from Kayak Fishing Destin (850) 797-9632. The goal was to catch Redfish and the goal was accomplished. See Pics.

Originally we were going to go for a 4 or 6 hour trip and Dave presented us with a cooler option. A Kayak, Camp and Fish charter. This entailed meeting up at Dave’s house where we accidently backed into a street sign on his property, talking about the game plan, saying hi to the Dog and checking out Dave’s base camp operation.

We then met Chris who was with the 4 yaks and gear at the beach and prepared for take off. What was unigue here was that we were launching at night under the bridges and since the sand was white Gulf of Mexico sand, we usued Green LED lights under the kayak which lit everything up to the point that we could see all sorts of baitfish, schools, big fish, etc. Totally awesome seeing footlong needle fish come to the boat and practically dart over and under the kayaks thanks to the cool green lights.

On the way out to the camping area, we passed by some rude shoreline fisherman who just couldnt be patient enough for us to quickly pass by but had to launch a cast far enough to get right next to the yaks on a nice calm and peaceful night. Uncool to say the least. Upon reaching the camping woods, the guys set up the tents and gear and we got back on the yaks and started fishing. We caught some Salty Catfish which was a first for us. We tangled with a few other fish but the wind made things unbearable in a place we least expected it. We decided to peddle back to the tents and call it a night with the hope that first light will bring us some Reds. It did. We launched and checked out a new area that had all sorts of fish jumping out of the water. I caught several to include a Redfish and some Jacks, etc. Bob (Redfish Rob) was the high hook and landed a 23 inch Redfish which was the perfect slot size limit to take for the table. He caught it on the live shrimp that was provided by our guide who had about 100 in this bucket. While lures do work, these prawns work better and faster so we gave it a whirl and learned something new in the process.

We brought Bob’s fish to Dewey’s Destin Seafood restaurant which I recommend if anyone goes down to the panhandle region of Florida. They cooked it Blackened and it tasted great with a few beers and a slice of Key Lime Pie after. We also fished the Ocean pier which was cool since they provide the license, bait and rods in case one travels light. The pier is next to another cool seafood restaurant called Anglers. Go figure. Good stuff as you eat and watch the perfect white sand beaches, waves, fisherman and people surfing right up to Sunset. All in all, a nice trip to Destin, the luckiest fishing town in USA. Good people, good weather and good fishing. Til the next adventure…. Montauk Outfitter.