Welcome to my very first blog. Before getting into the nuts and bolts of some or our adventures, I think it is best to briefly discuss fitness.

As many fisherman may know, fishing can be grueling at times. We hike long distances with gear, we kayak miles on the water and we often push ourselves to the extreme. As such, it is probably best to cross train at times when not fishing. After stretching for 10 to 15 minutes, I recommend some basic exercises such as the following: Power walking or jogging; push ups and sit ups, cardio machines and weights (light weights and more repetitions). Personally, I like to do cardio for about 15 mts after stretching for 10 mts. I then hit the crunch machines and some of the resistance machines and finish with the free weights. No matter what combination you choose, I believe your body will react better to the lengthy kayak peddle and paddle trips or a night of casting heavy lures from that 11 foot surf rod. In sum, some basic exercise will make fishing and kayaking that much more enjoyable. Plus, your body will appreciate what you are doing for it.

Speaking of kayaking for miles, I took Judy and Nancy to Fort Pond Bay today for a scenic type tour.  We yakked past the pier, around Rocky Point and headed west towards Napeauge. With the sun out and the wind in our favor, the ladies were able to check the box of kayaking around Rocky Point for their first time.  Although  they didn’t fish, they did take a lot of nature photos of the pier, park, woods, water, seascape, etc.  As I normally have a rod or two fish ready, I made some casts for fluke using squid and spearing  and ended up with a large Sea Robin and a Spiny Dog Fish aka sand shark.  Both were caught and released and i was glad to get some fishing action in before we had to load the kayaks into the truck.

The worst part of loading the yaks into the truck was noticing the garbage left behind by people on the beach.    So, thinking of the old commercial of the Indian who cried when he noticed litter, I picked up a few items and threw them into the garbage bag in the back of the truck.  Every bit helps. Well, until the next one, have a good night.