December 12, 2015. Calm seas and unexpected perfectly nice weather. This time around fished with some local friends who had invited me on their boat. Really glad I went as I considered sleeping in to rest up for the Surfmasters annual banquet at Gourneys. Due to other sports, I dont spend a ton of time on the water in December so this made it even better.

At 8am, we steamed to some productive spots and within no time, rods were bent. We fished til 1pm and using Green and Hermit Crabs, caught a nice pick of Black Fish, Sea Bass and Cod. I learned a lot from others techniques and shared some great stories, so thanks guys. 5pm was the start of the Surfmasters dinner and what an awesome time it was.

Congrats to the committee for hosting a fun filled event at a great place and to all participants and winners for closing out another season. A tough one at that.