I gave a Montauk lake another go on Sunday.  Fished with Richie Fishaholic in search of Yakking up some Walleyes.  Mainly trolled jerkbaits and Rapalas and caught every species but a walleye.  Scored some white perch, monster Crappies, etc.  All caught and released. The deepest part of the lake is around 26 feet so I… Read More

Was jonesing to freshwater fish one of the lakes in Montauk and finally did. I actually never fished it but heard it holds some nice carp and walleye. So, I geared up, loaded the yak on the new SUV, which wasnt the best plan, and headed out. Yep, as soon as i was all geared up, it rained just… Read More

December 12, 2015. Calm seas and unexpected perfectly nice weather. This time around fished with some local friends who had invited me on their boat. Really glad I went as I considered sleeping in to rest up for the Surfmasters annual banquet at Gourneys. Due to other sports, I dont spend a ton of time… Read More

I was driving my truck (Big Blue) on Friday and was thinking to myself, Sat should be a good day to Kayak MTK. Fished in Tourneys over the last few weekends and this weekend was back to the grind and local waters. I then thought about who has been asking to go and as I… Read More